Who We Are

Sinefo Group is a diverse media group that offers a full suite of advanced digital solutions for key stakeholders in the sports industry. We partner with national and international sports federations, leagues and clubs, individual athletes, brands, marketing agencies and media companies to help them improve their marketing activities and add significant value to their brand.

Sinefo Group enables the sports industry to grow and enhance all activities through innovation and operational excellence by addressing the main areas of sports marketing.

We operate on 5 continents, with a particular focus on emerging markets, where we are strengthening and revolutionising local sports industries. Our digital ecosystems are backed by innovative technology that is adaptable to different geographical, cultural and tech environments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster inclusive growth, especially in emerging countries. For this purpose, Sinefo Group is developing a cutting-edge digital ecosystem for the sports industry, with an array of digital solutions and services that cater to every sector of the sports industry: teams and federations, fans, brands and media companies.

Sinefo Group’s goal is to help grow and enhance brand engagement for those who have special interests in the sports industry, addressing the main areas of sports marketing:

& Streaming

Digital Marketing
& Engagement




& Insights

Our Industry

Today, the sports industry holds huge and lucrative opportunities for brands and businesses to match their marketing messages on a global level. Sports can bring people together based on their interests and create a new kind of dialogue between athletes, fan communities, brands and other stakeholders in this industry.

The commercial sports market has developed enormously in recent years — consumer and fan behaviour all over the world is driven by the rapid advances in technology, which leads to decision makers significantly changing their business models, strategies and activities across multiple channels, online and offline. Sports organisations, brands and decision makers are constantly looking for new tools and better ways to promote events, activities, teams and individual athletes.

Our Companies

Through a wide range of sports services, Sinefo enables brands and organisations to add value and create an attractive product for fans and partners.


Brandtix is a global index platform for real-time brand and talent value analysis. The platform brings all need-to-know data to life, with a user-friendly research and discovery tool, to empower all types of users, from industry professionals to social analysts.

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Designed for flexibility and performance, StreamVibe is a fully customisable, end-to-end digital broadcasting solution that offers a scalable and secure platform to ensure delivery of the highest quality video and playback experience across mobile, desktop and digital TV.

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Chatsuite is a unique chatbot solution that allows enterprises to extend a cohesive customer experience across new chat-based distribution channels. Powered by the latest AI capabilities, Chatsuite enables businesses to interact with traditionally hard-to-reach audiences.

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BetterBrand offers a one-stop shop for cutting-edge digital advertising solutions to national and international sports federations, organisations and brands that want to enrich their brand territory and grow. BetterBrand leverages user data and marketing insights from multiple sources to create highly relevant, impactful content and marketing campaigns that are successful in their target audiences.

Media Applications

Media Applications is a marketing and design agency that offers full stack services including design, UX/UI, brand development, marketing and PR to early-stage ventures and startups. Media Applications has long proven experience developing brands that embody sports and fan experience.

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DCore Systems

DCore provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services available on a pay-as-you-go basis to power online businesses around the globe. Sinefo offers leading cloud solutions, from high-performance elastic computing to data storage, big data processing, content delivery networks and more.

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