About Us

Sinefo Cloud is a subsidiary of Willful Group that provides cloud computing services to power our international clients’ businesses and operations through our advanced digital ecosystem. Sinefo Cloud offers high-performance elastic computing power in the cloud and various services like data storage, relational databases, big-data processing and content delivery networks (CDN) available on demand.

At Sinefo Cloud, we are committed to the research and development of large database systems as well as to the advancement of big data technology. As part of our R&D efforts, we work with cutting-edge technologies in IoT (Internet of Things), VR and AR (virtual reality and augmented reality), smart home systems, automotive networking and mobile device operating systems.


Sinefo Cloud Marketplace

Sinefo Cloud marketplace is an online market where our clients can search and deploy software as image, with additional delivery methods coming soon.

Sinefo Cloud Partner Network

Sinefo Cloud partners with leading international cloud service operators in order to create a global network that offers various programmes for forming and developing business relationships. Sinefo Cloud Partner Network acts as a platform where companies can interact with each other and leverage their expertise and knowledge while building their businesses around our cutting-edge cloud infrastructure.

Laser-Focused Training & Support

Sinefo Cloud provides opportunities for our partners to develop and improve their products and services, strengthening both business offerings and technical backing.

Tailored Business Support

Sinefo Cloud provides one-on-one business support tailored to the specific needs of each partner, with the objective of enabling fast and steady growth of their business.

Unparalleled Marketing Support

Sinefo Cloud provides our partners with access to a wide variety of marketing opportunities and services, including regular meetups, seminars and participation in relevant professional events.

Pro Technical Support

Sinefo Cloud offers first-class technical support provided by our professional team of cloud architects dedicated to helping our clients develop and grow their business in the cloud marketplace.


Partnership Programmes

Sinefo Cloud Partner Network provides three programmes designed for Sinefo partners in different fields.

Channel Partners

We offer an opportunity to become our official reseller or web application development partner. Through Sinefo Cloud Сhannel Partners programme, our partners can learn Sinefo Cloud's proprietary technologies, advance in them and develop new business solutions for untapped markets.

Service Partners

Our Service Partners programme allows companies to collaborate with consulting and service providers of any size in order to customise and optimise their Sinefo Cloud systems and applications. The list of our service partners includes distribution channels, system integrators, local and global service providers, strategic consultants and other various consulting firms that provide relevant services.

Technology Partners

Our Technology Partner programme allows companies to unlock new business opportunities by integrating their offerings into the Sinefo Cloud platform. Created with a vast experience of operating in the global market, this programme also offers our partners a secure and cost-effective way to reach new customers across the world.